The work of the Russian doctors wanted to offer the migrants


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Russia wants to attract foreign specialists to solve the problem of shortage of doctors. The proposal was made by the Ministry of labour and the Ministry of health, told “Izvestia”.

Russia wants to attract foreign specialists to solve the problem of shortage of doctors. As explained in the Ministry of health in Russia will attract former compatriots with relevant expertise. In the event of a competition the list of occupations will be corrected “promptly”.

According to Ministry of health in the Russian clinics is not enough, more than 25 thousand doctors and about 130 thousand nurses and other physicians. So, companies need 240 ophthalmologists in clinics and hospitals do not have enough of over 600 of trauma and orthopedic surgeons in hospitals and clinics, psychiatrists. Overall shortage amounts to 1059 people. With only a thousand professionals interested in the jobs of the doctor at the labor exchange.

Earlier, the Director of the National medical research center of Oncology named after Blokhin, Ivan Stilidi told that the institution is expected to decline in the state. He noted that this would affect employees at the age of.

September 30 it became known that all the oncologists of the center of Blokhin has threatened with dismissal. Doctors have accused the new leadership of the center in the persecution and unfair distribution of wages. They also said that the center’s patients are kept in appalling conditions.

Leadership Institute Blokhin was replaced in the summer of 2019. Then Institute of pediatric Oncology and Hematology is headed by Svetlana Varfolomeeva. The health Ministry sided with the center management and rebuked announced the dismissal of four doctors in violation of medical ethics.

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