The young rider caught own loose jaw


www.vsyako.netEmily Ecclestone: from personal archive

In the English town of Baslow, Derbyshire, the rider had to catch his own jaw after she was punched in the face on a pole. This publication reports Unilad.

In August, 15-year-old Emily Eccles (Eccles Emily) was riding a horse when the animal suddenly afraid of a car backfiring and went into a gallop. The girl fell on the side of the horse and crashed into a wooden gatepost. The collision was so strong that half of Emily’s jaw fell off and was left hanging on the cm segment of skin. The British caught her in the arm.

The girl was taken to children’s hospital. Plastic surgeon Ricardo Mohammed-Ali (Ricardo Mohammed-Ali) had surgery to restore the face of the patient. The operation lasted five and a half hours. Another eleven days, the British spent in a hospital bed.

The girl’s mother Michelle (Michelle) told me that when I first walked in the room, focused on his daughter’s eyes, which remained the same. The rest of the girl’s face was mangled. According to her, six days after the surgery Emily had already removed the bandages. The girl’s parents tried to thank the surgeon, but he was a modest man and said that was just doing his job.

A month after the accident the girl was able to go back to school: on her face there was only one scar. Emily is going to persuade parents to allow her to ride horses again.

Earlier it was reported that doctors had restored the inhabitant of London destroyed a tumor of the jaw with the bones of her hips. The operation lasted 11 and a half hours.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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