Trump found a way to severely punish Turkey


www.vsyako.netDonald Truephoto: Jonathan Ernst / Reuters

If Turkey during a military operation in Syria will begin to destroy the Kurds, the US will destroy its economy. This was in response to a reporter’s question, said the President of the United States Donald trump, according to Reuters.

The us President recalled that once she had punished Turkey by the case of pastor Andrew Branson, and hopes that Turkey will remember the lesson and act reasonably.

Turkey the day before, on 9 October, the beginning of “operation peace” in Syria. The main objectives of the named security of the Turkish borders from terrorists, protection of Syria’s territorial integrity and the return of Syrian refugees to their homeland. The Turkish forces entered several villages and inflicted blows on him.

Against the operation in Syria, the European Union and the United States. Trump called the military operation a “bad idea”. Russian President Vladimir Putin did not evaluate the actions of Turkey, but in conversation with Erdogan urged him to carefully weigh the situation.

Earlier, on 7 October, trump has already promised Turkey the most severe reaction, if that will do anything that “it considers beyond”. It immediately led to the depreciation of the Turkish Lira.

Pastor Branson and his wife were arrested in 2016 on suspicion of links with the organizers of the failed coup. After that, the U.S. imposed sanctions against Turkey. The Americans were threatened with life imprisonment, but in the fall of 2018, they were released and allowed to leave the country.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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