Disclosed the reason for the refusal of Kate Middleton from the neckline


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Duchess of Cambridge Catherine refuses neckline tops in favor of sweaters with a high collar to avoid accidental exposed in public. To such conclusion came the popular stylist and founder of Styled By Susie Susie Hasler (Hasler Susie), whose observation leads to the Daily Mail.

Hasler said that the turtleneck does not only emphasize slender Kate Middleton, but also help to avoid awkward situations during formal events. For example, when dealing with children, they allow it to freely bend down and talk to them without fear for their neckline. “They [the sweaters] are conservative, and it’s good for Kate. She couldn’t bend over in blouse with v-neck or round-neck”, — said the expert.

The stylist also noted that when properly drafted the way the turtleneck looks very elegant. However, women with broad shoulders or a large bust it is recommended to abandon the tops with a high collar: they visually make the chest part of the neck. The owners of a small chest and narrow hips, on the contrary, is to make a choice in favor of turtlenecks, because it “balances” the whole outfit.

Earlier in October, Kate Middleton changed her hair. During her visit to the London science Museum, the journalists noticed that dark blonde hair Middleton acquired a Golden hue. According to yet another star stylist Jasma Johnson, soft light glare perfect season, visually thicken the strands of the Duchess and advantageous to frame her face.

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