The girl spent a fortune on the appearance of Barbie dolls


19-year-old Stephanie Mulick (Stefanie Mulic) from Sweden admitted that he spends about 168 thousand Swedish kronor (about 1.1 million) a year on plastic surgeries to become like Barbie. About it reports The Mirror.

Malik, whose mother works as a beautician, first tried to augment the lips at age 13, and since then regularly uses the services of cosmetologists and plastic surgeons. The girl was always ashamed of my nose, because her boyfriend once told her that he “spoils her good looks”. Since Malik changed not only the nose and the lips, chin, cheeks, eyebrows and teeth.

Every month the girl was injected with fillers in the lips and spent about 14.5 thousand Swedish crowns (95.4 thousand rubles). She wears false eyelashes and wigs, and also every day doing exercises for obliques that she had a waist like a doll.

Malik doesn’t want to stop there and planning to do more plastic surgery, including breast augmentation, buttocks and lips, removal of ribs, a facelift and liposuction.

According to the girl, the procedures give her confidence. She draws inspiration from Bratz dolls and Barbie and Playboy models. Family Mulic not against such changes of appearance of the girl and supports her passion.

Earlier it was reported that the inhabitant of Amsterdam has spent 117 thousand pounds (9,3 million) on plastic surgery for the sake of appearance Barbie doll. 40-year-old fan of dolls admitted that dreams to become the owner of the world’s largest bust.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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