In the United States called the most important goal of Russia in Europe at the onset of the global war


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The main goal for the missile strike by the Russian nuclear submarine (APL) project 885 (08850) “Ash” in Europe at the onset of large-scale military conflict will likely become the port city of Bremerhaven in Northwest Germany, writes in the Proceedings of the naval Institute of the United States a former employee of the international security Program at the Center for strategic and international studies in Washington (USA) Andrew Metrics.

The town, located on the shores of the North sea, called by the author “major U.S. land port of landing in Europe.” “This is the single most important site for the movement of heavy equipment to the European theater [of potential military action]. Bremerhaven is particularly easy to isolate, since the access of ships to the port is through two gateways. In addition, the railway line goes to the port via two bridges. The destruction of these goals will make the port largely unworkable for the needs of the United States,” — said the expert.

According to the Metric alternative ports located in Rotterdam (the Netherlands) and Antwerp (Belgium), due to its large size, is only slightly more resistant to pitting attack. The author notes that such vulnerabilities in the European logistics did not pose a serious risk during the Cold war, but that situation changed the appearance in Russia of high-precision cruise missiles can be launched from the Russian territorial waters and reach the goal within continental Europe.

In August, a military expert Pavel Luzin said that the current state of Russian industry and ensure priority financing of strategic nuclear forces and the ground forces will not allow by 2027 quantitatively and qualitatively increase of the Navy (Navy) of the country, which will make it impossible for independent execution of operations in distant seas.

Head multipurpose nuclear submarine “Severodvinsk” project 885 (“Yasen”), the Russian Navy has received in 2014. Currently, the submarine is the only active ship of the series. The Premier League is a possibility of combination missile and torpedo weapons. Maximum depth of the ship is 600 meters, surface speed — 16 knots underwater — 31 knots. The crew of the APL — 90. Submarines equipped with the missile complex “Kalibr-PL”.

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