Comedian-transgender took his own life and left a farewell message


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Comic-transgender actress Him, Dorman (Dorman Daphne) from USA committed suicide at the age of 44 years. It is reported by Newsweek.

Dorman left a farewell post on his page in Facebook. In it she said that a lot of thought about how to say goodbye to those he loves, and admitted that they never found a good way to do it. She also asked for forgiveness from everyone who is angry with her, and hoped that those whom she led, will remember her in the best light.

Comedian appealed to people who might think her insufficiently supported, and assured them that it is not. She apologized for his actions, wrote that he loves all, and asked me to help her daughter Nai (Naia) to understand that she was not to blame for the suicide of his mother.

Relatives and friends of the actress were shocked by the incident. “Honey, honey Him. I wish that we all could help you through the darkness. We will always love you, fly high sweet angel,” wrote the sister of Dorman Becky Kugler (Kugler Becky) in the comments under her post in Facebook.

“I met Dorman on the set of the film “Dear Abigail”. With her was fun. It’s hard for me to realize that she’s no longer with us. She was very talented, a good person. This is a huge loss for all of us,” wrote the lady Twitter with the nickname Rose Mendonca.

Dorman 12 years worked as an actress on television and in the theater. In addition, she founded sanctuary for primates and marine turtles in Equatorial Guinea. More recently, she worked as a software engineer in the company Vineti, develops software in the field of gene therapy. The comedian worked as a volunteer at the LGBT center in San Francisco, she has helped people to find a job in the technical field.

Comedian Dave Chappell (Dave Chapelle) mentioned Dorman was released on the platform, Netflix concert Sticks&Stones (“sticks and stones”). Chappell said that was friends with Dorman, and she was on one of his test show where I laughed the most.

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