Named the most boring for a holiday city Europe


www.vsyako.netTypes of Helsinkivantaa: Alexander Demyanchuk / TASS

Bratislava, Helsinki and Karlovy vary are recognized as the most boring for vacation rental cities of Europe. On Sunday, October 13, RIA Novosti reported with reference to the results of a survey conducted by Aviasales.

As noted, the survey involved thousands of Russians and 30 percent of them said that the most depressing holiday spent in the capital of Finland, because there is “bad weather and a few attractions”. 25 percent of respondents voted for Bratislava — where, in their opinion, “expensive gifts, bad food, boring sights and few people in bars”. 15 percent criticized the “too small” Karlovy vary, advised not to spend there entire vacation, and to visit with a day trip.

Negative reviews also got in Munich, where “in the evening you can only go to beer bars”, Warsaw, where “little of the cultural-historical objects,” and Pisa, which, though “cute and cheap”, but “except the tower, there is nothing to watch”. Some tourists noted that bored during a holiday in Vilnius and Minsk, because “not found on how to spend the evening.”

Earlier it became known that the most popular among Russians European city became Tivat. About seven percent of all purchased tickets in 2019 fell on the coastal city of Montenegro.

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