The fat in the world model showed buttocks and delighted fans


www.vsyako.netPhoto: @tessholliday

The fat in the world the American model Tess Holliday showed the fans the buttocks and admired them. Frame celebrity published in Instagram account.

In black and white picture Holliday is polubokom to the camera, with his dress to waist level and showing black underwear. “The Council for acceptance: take candid photos even if there is no one to send. Be proud of yourself and your body whenever possible”, — has signed a publishing Holliday.

Fans filled the American compliments. “I opened Instagram this morning and the first thing I saw this photo. It made my day. These forms — just a dream. And your confidence inspires me to love myself”, praised one podistica. “I love you! You make me feel more confident and puts me in the mood,” rejoiced another fan. “You’re just perfect!” — admired another commentators.

This is not the first time the model gets a lot of rave reviews after the publication of candid shots. In October, Tess Holliday, posted a photo showing her posing without any clothes on, and delighted fans. The photograph of the girl was in the tub on my stomach and looked at the camera.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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