The stewardess told about the preferences of sex in plane passengers


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Wolfgang Rattay / Reuters

Flight attendant Heather Poole, who wrote a book about working in the airline, spoke about the preferences sex in plane passengers. This writes the Express.

According to flight attendants, recently she began to notice that people stopped to use the toilet for privacy. “I noticed that more and more people not going to the bathroom, preferring to have sex right in their places,” explained Poole.

She added that in such cases, the passengers are covered with a blanket and begin to swing from side to side, so it is obvious to everyone what they are doing. To combat this, some flight attendants begin to walk down the aisle with a flashlight or be near a pair and loud coughing.

Poole noted that the actions of the passengers on Board the ship contrary to the rules of safety, but are not illegal. “However, illegal is the failure to follow directions of cabin crew. Therefore, if a flight attendant asks you to stop, you immediately have to stop,” concluded Poole.

In may an Australian TV presenter Darren Macmullen did a series of articles in Instagram, which shows a man and woman sitting in front of him, and have sex. The incident occurred on a flight of Jetstar. According to Macmullen first actions of the guy with the girl was not very noticeable, and then the chair started to shake.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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