We live in a home emergency the Russians threatened to take the children


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Authority of the city of Upper Ufaley in Chelyabinsk region threatened the tenants of the damaged house to pick up minor children, if they don’t live in the other apartments. This writes the Sign.

On the house entrance on Lenin street, 12A, at the end of September 2019, there was an announcement in which it was stated that “the bodies of guardianship and guardianship will be forced to stand up for the rights and legitimate interests of children” if the parents with them not moving from dilapidated buildings. In addition, it was reported that from 1 October in the house shut off all communications.

People are asked either to move in maneuverable available housing premises, or to rent apartments. In the latter case, the residents promise to compensate for the difference between the utilities and the hire price, however, this difference should not be more than 2 thousand rubles.

Residents complain that they are offered in a maneuverable housing options are not suitable, because in these areas or the high cost of utilities, or living conditions worse.

In a press-service of the Ministry of construction of the Chelyabinsk region said that the authorities do not plan to demolish the building and want to make it a major overhaul. The timing of the decision is not established. Currently, emergency house continue to live 20 people. The decision to supply heat to the building only agreed on 11 October.

People began to draw attention to the problems at home in 2013. Authorities suggested residents to make the examination for your own money. The results realized in 2018 check showed that the house was depreciated by 71 percent. The administration refused to recognize this expertise and conducted their own, who also confirmed the accident rate of the building.

According to the Sign, the authorities reacted further treatment of residents with formal replies, and then asked them to demolish the house on their own. The administration also asked the residents themselves to look for someone who will appreciate the value of their apartments if they want to receive compensation for them.

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