A dying man is married to “the love of his life”


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Myles Harrison

Residents of the English County of Devonshire organised a wedding for a terminally ill man and his lover. It is reported by local newspaper Devon Live.

27-year-old miles Harrison (Myles Harrison) and his 29-year-old bride Liz (Liz) got married after six years of relationship. The wedding ceremony took place in an old manor house Castle Hill in the village of Philly. Luxury wedding prepared by the local organizer Louise hedges (Louise Hedges), and honeymoon couple received a gift.

18 years old miles was diagnosed with a brain tumor. The Briton has endured numerous surgeries and treatment, but last year his condition became critical. The doctors concluded that the cancer has reached the stage where no treatment will not help.

After receiving a disappointing prognosis, the man asked Liz to marry him: “I always wanted to marry her. From the moment we met, I knew she was the one.” The pair were planning to organize a wedding ceremony, because all the funds went to treatment miles.

Then the hedges, which publishes the journal North Devon Wedding Planner, has offered to organize the celebration themselves. She gathered the necessary amount of money and only two weeks later, on 11 August, the wedding took place. “I don’t understand how they managed in such a short period of time to do this — surprised groom — great people”. The bride added that the ceremony went better than she could imagine.

In late September it was reported that a resident of the English town of Accrington, Lancashire, she married a terminally ill beloved. In 2016, the man was diagnosed with leukemia. When the disease went into remission, he decided to make his girlfriend offer hands and hearts.

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