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www.vsyako.netPhoto of Vitaly Timkiv / RIA Novosti

More than half of Russians prefer to make harvesting of tomatoes — they are used by 73 percent of respondents. This follows from the results of the poll, which was published by TASS.

Cucumbers prefer 70 percent, cabbage — 32%, berries — 24 percent. Another 23 percent prefer to use a pepper, a 22 — apples, 21 — zucchini. Fungi use 16%, eggplant 14%, fruits 11%.

Just homework doing 85 percent of Russian families. Independently made 52 percent of respondents, of whom 69 percent were women. Older people (45-59 years), among them 62 percent, from 60 years to 65 percent.
Among those who make the blanks, 38 percent indicated that it is delicious, and 35 — which is sparingly. According to 32 percent, the quality of the blanks is higher than the purchase. Yeshe 31% believes that it is useful. Every 10th Respondent reported that gives these billet family or friends.

64 percent of Russians use for blanks own crops, 12 percent to buy groceries. Only homework is eating 90 percent of the respondents.

The survey was conducted October 5, 2019 phone among Russians aged 18 years.

Earlier it was reported that during a cold 17 percent of Russians prefer not to take medication and dispense hot tea with raspberries and chicken broth. Chief specialist on primary health care called popular in Russia methods of prevention and treatment of colds ineffective.

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