Russia and Kazakhstan argued over Ukraine


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The Eurasian economic Commission has recognized Russia’s actions to limit the transit of coal supplies from Kazakhstan to Ukraine with the creation of trade barriers. Disagreements between Moscow and Nur-Sultan will be discussed at intergovernmental Commission on 14-15 October. About it writes “Kommersant” with reference to the Ministry of trade and integration of Kazakhstan.

According to the newspaper, in Russia I did not fully agree on the application of Kazakhstan companies on the transit to Ukraine, but claimed that they did not fully implement even the agreed volumes of supply. The Association of mining and metallurgical enterprises of Kazakhstan stated that in October, Moscow has left the quotas for deliveries of coal from Kazakhstan to the level of September and agreed bids only two companies. Other applications Russia rejected without explanation, said the Deputy head of the Association Maksim Kononov.

Kazakh authorities estimate losses from a short supply of coal on the Ukrainian market of 11 million dollars a month. In addition, damages are Kazakhstan Railways — they are due to the decrease in turnover 0,12 loses a million dollars a month. The Kazakh side also added that due to limitations of supplies to Ukraine of the excess carbon formed on the internal Russian market, which led to the abandonment of the Kazakh gas from Russian consumers. This has impacted on the cost of coal.

The authorities of Kazakhstan noted that from June to September, Belarus, which has almost no coal production, increased deliveries to Ukraine by one million tonnes, two times more than for the whole of 2018. The sources claimed that the re-export of the Ukrainian territory is carried out through Belarus a Russian company.

In Russia since June 1 came into force a law banning the supply of coal and oil products from Russia to Ukraine. An exception may be made if the appropriate resolution will give the Ministry of economic development. Formally, the restrictions do not apply to goods in transit, but in fact Russia has kvotirovanie coal supplies through its territory. This has led to dissatisfaction on the part of Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, which are the suppliers of fuel to the Ukrainian market.

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