The man lived for 18 years with a bullet in the bladder


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In the U.S. doctors managed to extract from the bladder of the patient a bullet after 18 years after it hit the body. This publication reports the Daily Mail.

In 2001, a man was shot in the bladder, but the surgeons are unable to remove the bullet, as he felt the operation was too risky. They introduced a catheter, and he used it for two weeks, after which it is not worried about the pain in the body.

Over time around the bullets in the bladder was formed of stone, and the man began to experience shooting pain when urinating. After a year of torment, he went to the doctors. The doctors examined a patient’s bladder and found a stone.

Surgeons have performed a 42-year-old man cystolithotripsy — operation on money laundering and extraction of fragments of urinary stones. They used a laser to cut a bullet and destroy stratified a stone at her.

As a result, they removed the bullet fragment with a size of 30 by 25 mm. It had sharp corners and would cause damage to the patient, if passed through the bladder neck and urethra.

The surgeons removed the remaining fragments, making the abdominal incision. The extracted bullet was handed over to police.

Earlier it was reported that in India the doctors were able to remove a bullet lodged in the patient’s airway. Doctors speculated that the bullet initially hit on the left cheek of a man and “slowed down”, after which the patient lost consciousness and in that state breathed her in.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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