These disadvantages of the drug policy of Russia


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Russian media have criticized the deputies in ignoring the problems of drug trafficking. They prefer to tell the Russians about the problems in Ukraine and in the United States that is a major shortcoming of anti-drug policy of Russia, the Director for development of GROUP-IB Dmitry Buyanov. He stated this during the parliamentary hearings about the threats to the darknet, which the state Duma has decided to hold after the publication of the special project “of the”, “Russia under the drug”. About it the correspondent “”.

“We are fine! On TV Ukraine, USA, Russia, “Christ is risen”, then again, Ukraine, USA, Russia… we Have no problem! When I hear from the deputies, “is a new challenge for me unknown” — in the state Duma, in 2019! — I understand that the drug policy of the state is constructed as something not so” — he said.

During earlier hearings, the head of the “Youth team of the Russian popular front (onf)” Igor Kastyukevich said that in the regions of Russia is not enough money for the smearing of the “drug” of graffiti. “Utilities do not have time to work on this story, go and cover up the traces”, he said, noting that a simple smearing of links may fall under the heading of vandalism.

The special project “Russia under the drug” came on “to the” in three parts in late September — early October. The first part is dedicated to the beginning in Russia, the most powerful in the world war for the drug market. The second unit talks about a multibillion-dollar earnings of drug dealers in Russia. The third part tells the story of how drugs break the fate of ordinary sellers and consumers of drugs in the country.

The analysis of the authors of the investigation showed that the number of active users of the most popular marketplace in the trade of narcotics on the darknet Hydra is 800 thousand people. Using Hydra daily hiding 13.6 thousand caches, bookmarks with illegal substances in the amount of 227 million roubles. Taking into account the dynamics of the demand for drugs is 5.9 billion rubles a month and 64,9 billion per year.

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