A crocodile killed a believing on the way to Church


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Stephan Rech / Globallookpress.com

A resident South African village Moquete, Limpopo province, died after being attacked by a crocodile on the way to Church. About it reports local news portal News24.

On Saturday, 5 October, 39-year-old has Malala Mavis (Mavis Mohlala) crossed the river with two men. One of them told me that she suddenly moved her eyebrows and yelled, “Help.” The companions rushed to her aid, and one of them started hitting the crocodile with a stick in the eye until he let go of the woman.

Mavis pulled ashore, her legs left serious wounds. One of the men called cousin who brought the victim to a local hospital. The woman complained of weakness due to the loss of large amounts of blood, but doctors were unable to give her the proper help, nor to be transported to a better hospital.

Mavis died four days later. Now the woman’s family finds out the exact cause of her death. The police are investigating.

In June it was reported that in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh crocodile eaten alive 18-the summer young man who came to the funeral of his grandfather. The guy decided to swim in the river. Reptile attacked, when the Indian went into the water knee-deep.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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