Became aware of the US plans to deprive Russia of the Northern sea route


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The purpose of the new “Northern doctrine” of the United States is trying to deprive Russia of the right to the Northern sea route (NSR), says Serbian journalist Zoran Milosevic. The opinion he expressed in an article for the publication “Print”.

It is noted that in may, meeting with representatives of the countries that border the Arctic, the USA made it clear to Canada that it is necessary to forget about their own “law on the North-Western Arctic corridor”. From China, the American side sought to close the station in Iceland and Norway, as well as stop investing in the infrastructure of the Russian Northern sea route. In turn Russia, according to us authorities, should withdraw its troops from its Arctic regions. According to the author, the United States advocated that the SMP was common, and not exclusively Russian.

Milosevic says that the United States considers the Northern sea route by means of pressure on Russia in connection with the fact that it is the international logistics corridor and an internal transport artery.

In March it was reported that the Pentagon had to change the tactics to deploy in the Arctic. Commander of U.S. and NATO in Europe Curtis Scaparrotti said that the defense Ministry has thus reacted to the increase of Russia’s defense potential in the region. The General said that Washington is interested in the resource and the commercial perspective of the Northern sea route passing along the Russian border, but Moscow has deployed radar and defensive systems, and constructed additional airfields.

In February, the commander of the U.S. Navy in Europe and Africa Admiral James Foggo said that the US will not allow Russia and China to dominate the Arctic as “the Northern sea route — not someone else’s lake.”

Northern sea route — the Arctic’s main shipping artery of Russia, connecting the ports of the Arctic and major rivers of the Northern region, the shortest water route between the Far East and the European part of the country.

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