Became known parenting techniques of the father of the sisters Khachaturian


www.vsyako.netAngelina of Hachaturjanu: Vitaliy Belousov / RIA Novosti

Mikhail Khachaturyan forbade his daughters to say the house of the word “salt”, “pain” and “com”, derivatives and similar sounding words, numbers “6” and “8” as well as barcodes. This was told by lawyers for the sisters Khachaturyan who killed his father, Mari Davtyan, Alex lipcer, Yaroslav Pakulin and Alexey Parshin, reports RT.

According to them, the father went to the Armenian Church and forced the daughters to accompany him. The lawyers claim that the man “seriously considered themselves righteous” and thought that you may pray for any sin. In addition, he did not consider violence against family members is a sin.

The defenders said that the house Khachaturian was a phone call that he was pushing when he needed something and called daughters. They had to come to him, even at night, to bring food, drinks and stand around until the father goes to sleep. Sleep and eat with the girls and their mother could only with the permission of the Khachaturian. For failure to comply with rules or “the principle of unmotivated rage” was followed by “fist violence”. Sometimes a father beat his daughters with the gun or shot them from Pneumatics, lawyers note.

Earlier medical examination came to the conclusion that Mikhail Khachaturyan daughters were subjected to sexual violence and to have experienced sexual attraction to minors. September 30 came the first video-bullying Khachaturian over daughters, filmed on his mobile. On the recording the man yelled at the girls because they ate too much candy, called a freak, and then kicked the younger.

Three daughters Khachaturian detained in 2018. They were charged with the murder of his father by prior agreement. Girls said that a few years suffered bullying, physical and sexual violence. In August, the investigation confirmed that indeed, Khachaturian made concerning them violent acts.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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