In India found buried alive baby


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Martha Irvine / AP

In India the baby girl was found alive after she was buried in a sealed clay pot wrapped in cloth. This writes The Sun.

The child was found three days later by a married couple. The couple buried their daughter who was born dead. At this point they heard the child crying. “In a moment I thought that my daughter was alive, but in fact the voice came from the pot”, — the eyewitness told Khitesh Kumar.

The couple immediately called the police and an ambulance. She was hospitalized, at present, “it is in a state of hypothermia on oxygen support,” reported in the hospital. It is noted that the couple who saved the baby is with her now. The couple intend to adopt her.

In may in the North-East of Thailand, a dog discovered among the fields buried alive newborn baby. While walking the dog Ping Pong suddenly started to bark and dig. His boss, UGA Nitika came to see that he was interested, and found sticking out from under the ground leg of the child. He quickly dug it and was taken to the hospital.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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