Named the cost of the most expensive coin in the world


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Morton & Eden

One of the rarest coins in the world gold Dinar, dated 732 year of our era — was put up for auction. According to The Daily Mail, the initial cost of the lot is 1.5 million pounds (of 1.88 million dollars).

Currently, there are about a dozen of these coins: most are either in private collections or in museums. “This coin is magnificent. It is not only beautifully preserved, but is an awesome rare and important historical document,” — said the expert on Islamic coins Stephen Lloyd. Gold, which made a Dinar mined in the mine nearby to Mecca, and it is still functioning. Auction scheduled for October 24.

At the end of September at auction in London, the hammer went unique coin — bronze probe penny with a profile of Edward VIII, who never became king. According to The Sun, with the hammer she went for 133 thousand pounds (165 thousand dollars), almost twice the starting price. Copper penny was released as probes for the coronation of the monarch, however, he abdicated the throne.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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