Russian investigators have learned to determine the identity of the criminals in masks


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To determine the identity of the offender in the mask and hiding the body type the clothes in the video are more is not difficult. On Tuesday, October 15, reports the Investigative Committee of Russia (TFR) posted in the official YouTube channel of the office program from the series “Wonders of criminology”.

It is noted that now the criminals, knowing about the presence of surveillance cameras in cities, go on the offense in masks, gloves and tight clothes. But used by forensic TFR special technology allows investigators to identify suspects with concealed faces.

The software performs analysis and provides the necessary parameters, in particular, height and body type. According to him the employees of the RCDS can identify the suspect and to present irrefutable evidence of involvement in the crime.

Also uses TFR technology overlays 3D models of the face blurred on the video footage, which captured the suspect. Thus in Moscow was caught the rapist attacked his victims in the hallways and fearing low quality cameras shooting intercoms.

In December 2018 it was reported that in 2019 in Moscow will be deployed large-scale network systems of facial recognition. it was Assumed that it would operate on the basis of city cameras. At the moment there are about 162 thousand, among them — the devices that are installed in the courtyards, the hallways and on the streets.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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