Russian squash spread was disastrous for health


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Expert centre of the Russian consumers Union “Roskontrol” conducted a study of squash caviar popular brands. Copies of test reports are available “”.

Verification took part of the brand “the Bed of fortune”, and “Pikant”, “Marinades”, “Uncle Vanya” and “Collection Retro”. It turned out that the products have no added preservatives, also revealed a low salt content. However, on the packaging of some samples were provided inaccurate nutritional value. For example, squash caviar “Collection Retro” is in fact 10 times more fat than indicated on the label.

In addition, the audit showed that in all test samples the amount of nitrate exceeds the permissible requirements of the security level. The high nitrate content found in the ROE of “Uncle Vanya”.

In Roskontrol explained that the nitrates used to fertilize the soil and accumulate in vegetables and fruit. Entering the body with food, nitrates are converted to nitrites, which adversely affect the cardiovascular and nervous system. Experts warned that regular consumption of such products is fraught with health problems. In the end, all of the tested samples are listed in the product list in comments.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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