Russian woman wanted to have custody over her grandson for putting his rent


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A resident of Moscow, 62-year-old Irina Queen, wished to deprive the custody of grandson because of the fact that she gave him a rent — Nagatinsky district court of Moscow has obliged the woman to give the baby to an orphanage. It is reported by RT.

The boy’s parents are in prison. His father was imprisoned for murder, his mother — for the creation of a crack house. The child was seized from the family in 2017, when the police saw in the apartment window naked boy. Before the family was alarmed neighbors, but the child did not respond. The Queen persuaded the child’s mother to give their apartment to the son, then made repairs and passed her distant relatives for 6 thousand rubles. So the woman wanted to get money to pay utility bills.

That Queen sublets without the consent of the representatives of social protection, it became known in 2018. The representatives of the custody claimed that the woman thus violated the property rights of the child, and demanded to negotiate a lease with them. The main complaint of social workers was the fact that a woman takes too little rent for the apartment. While the Queen did not know that orphans don’t have to pay utilities. In addition, no social protection to women of other claims.

Queen moonlights as a dentist, and in March 2019 she asked staying in his apartment of relatives to babysit for a few hours. This is also recognized by the Commission and accused the woman that she left the child with strangers. At the end of may it had to transfer the child custody, but did not because I bought tickets to Turkey for the birthday boy.

Staff of social protection in the district Tsaritsyno wrote the application in police with the requirement to bring the guardian to criminal prosecution under article 127 of the criminal code (“Unlawful deprivation of freedom”). After testing, Nagatinskaya Interdistrict investigative Department for Moscow has returned the case materials in OMVD in the district Tsaritsyno. There was accepted the decision about refusal in excitation of business.

In August 2019 the Queen tried to challenge the decision on deprivation of custody. Staff of social protection said that a woman can use a guardianship in the mercenary purposes. The woman’s lawyer Natalia karagodina believes that the situation arose due to do not explain to the woman the legal questions of the custody, although a Treaty exists between them legal support. Irina Koroleva plans to contact the Prosecutor’s office and the Metropolitan office of the Commissioner for human rights.

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