Saratov showed the dangerous streets and yards after the murder of 9-year-old girl


www.vsyako.netPhoto: home “news city of Saratov” in “Vkontakte”

Residents of Saratov after the murder of nine-year-old girl Lisa, whose body was found in the garage, began to publish in social networks photos of unsafe streets and yards, where they are forced to walk their children.

“In the courtyard trash, abandoned sheds, dumping of building materials from demolished courtyard houses! Impenetrable bushes! Children also go through the courtyard to school! A very dangerous yard in the heart of the city, closely adjacent to the MOU SOSH №18!” — wrote one of the local residents in the community “Saratov online” in “Vkontakte”.

“Mother of many children. I have two students, a third child went to preparatory courses. We are living in the Factory district street Career. Children go to school №106, which is a seven minute walk from the house. But to reach educational institutions, it is necessary to descend in pitch darkness. Near school is children’s hospital, the former abandoned the therapy centre where live stray dogs. Just trees hanging into the road. On the way to school there is not a single lantern. Children go to school alone,” told in the community “news city of Saratov”. Photo: home “Saratov Incident” in “Vkontakte” 1/3

Published by the residents of the footage is visible garbage, garages, dilapidated buildings, tall shrubs and trees. Some of them also reported that these places are going to “drug addicts and homeless people” or drunken people. They also complained that sometimes they mow the grass, so the children were safer to walk.

October 13 in the video, filmed daily route Lisa lost between school and home, which took place along with numerous garages.

Nine-year-old girl went missing on the morning of 9 October. After arrest, the suspect confessed that he strangled the child, and he hid the body in the garage. According to the man, he illegally appropriated someone else’s garage. Passing by it, the girl allegedly spoke with him and he was afraid that the garage may belong to her family.

After it became known about the murder of a child, the residents of Saratov staged a spontaneous rally, demanding to give them the killer. Security officials had to use special equipment. It is known that the suspect has previous convictions for theft, assault and rape girls.

After the incident, the mayor of the city Mikhail Isayev said that the city “will carry or will protect” garages. On the background of the incident, the Russians favoured the return of the death penalty for child killers and pedophiles — 80 percent supported the idea. Another 16.7 per cent were opposed to the return of capital punishment.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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