Terrible pain forced a woman to have sex with her husband once a year


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Due to excruciating pain 35-year-old Natalie Bricker from the American city of Newark, state of Delaware, do not have sex more than once a year. This publication reports the Daily Mail.

In 2002, the woman got in an accident and damaged genital nerve, which is responsible for transmitting information from the external genitalia to the brain. Since sexual arousal causes her severe pain and leads to spasms, which can last up to four days. During this time she was bedridden.

Due to injury briker had to give up sex. Once a year, she agrees to endure the pain, as fears that a forced abstinence will encourage her husband to adultery.

According to the woman, after sex it seems like she was hit by a truck. In 2014 she was diagnostirovati pudendal neuralgia, and in 2018 — continuous genital arousal disorder.

In 2017, Bricker had to quit work because she could no longer cope with the pain during the working day. In addition, she started having panic attacks.

Husband claims that he knew about her illness before the marriage. According to him, he’s “an eternal optimist” and each time hoping that the spouse will heal another doctor to whom she refers.

Bricker has gone through several stages of treatment. Now the duration of spasms was reduced by half, and the woman can leave the house.

A couple of Briketov wants to have children by in vitro fertilization. If it fails, they plan to adopt another child.

Earlier it was reported that a resident of Texas for many years could not engage in vaginal sex because of a rare disease. After the wedding night, the woman realized that she can’t have sex with penetration, later, doctors diagnosed her with vaginismus — a pathological condition in which involuntary contraction of the pubic-coccygeal muscles makes it impossible for any penetration.

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