The Pentagon told about the surrender Manuja Russian troops


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The us military is leaving the Syrian city of Manbij in the light of the offensive of the Turkish army, actually passed it under the control of the Russian colleagues. This is with reference to a source in the Ministry of defense 14 reported Newsweek.

According to this high-ranking employee of the Pentagon, his countrymen took the city longer and therefore able to help the Russian forces to settle in it. “Anyway, we came out fast, fun and not performed. The goal was to bring as much of our stuff and destroy everything important that can’t take”. The source magazine said that in fact it was a surrender of the city the Russian army.

October 15 was published a video in which a convoy of Syrian government forces on the road to Manbij crossed paths with the retreating American soldiers. It is reported that US troops North of Syria were evacuated in neighbouring Iraq.

Earlier in the Pentagon said that American forces are trapped between the Turkish army and the Syrian, coming with the support of Russia. Before this, the US President, Donald trump commanded the forces of his country to leave the Northern part of Syria.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced the beginning of military operations in Syria on October 9. It was called “the Source of peace”, its task is to fight against the Kurdistan workers ‘ party (PKK, banned in Turkey as a terrorist) and the “Islamic state”. The operation is performed together with the formation of the free Syrian army.

The United States refused to support Ankara. The militants of the Kurdish rebel group the “Syrian democratic forces” (SDF), backed by the U.S., called it a “stab in the back”.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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