The Russians called the rules of survival in an accident


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Drivers and passengers are told how to deal with the risk of a traffic accident to avoid serious injury. This is stated in the memo, published on the website of EMERCOM of Russia.

Drivers in the first place recommended by all means to avoid a head-on collision with another car. In the MOE noted that it is better to move down in a ditch, crashing into a fence, shrub or tree. Note that the collision left or right wing with a fixed object is worse than the impact bumper.

If impact cannot be avoided, it is necessary to protect the head at low speed to push back in the seat and stretch your hands in the steering wheel. At speeds above 60 kilometers per hour, and with the lack of a seat belt should be pressing my chest against the steering column. Passengers who sit at the front, it is necessary to close a head hands, fell on its side and stay on the seat. Those who sit in the back, it is best to fall on the floor. A child thus it is better to cover yourself.

After the accident, the MOE recommended that as soon as possible to leave the car and walk away from it, because of possible explosion. After leaving the vehicle, you should call emergency services.

In the MOE also said the ways of first aid. First and foremost, the Agency advised “to remove the victim from the situation that caused an accident”. Then you need to bring people out of shock, to relieve him from asphyxia or to stop the bleeding. After this it is necessary to establish how strong the injury and whether it is possible to transport the victim, and then transfer it in a secure and convenient to assist place.

Earlier it became known that those who want to get first driver license or to restore them after the revocation, it will be necessary to pass urine drug tests, and blood marker that points to chronic alcoholism. If the tests reveal that, the citizen will be sent to the narcological dispensary. The Ministry of health explained that it will help in the prevention of accidents.

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