60-year-old ex-soldier tried to be a woman and change my mind


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60-year-old Peter Benjamin (Benjamin Peter) from the UK underwent sex-change operation, and then decided to become a man. This publication reports The Sun.

Benjamin began to dress in women’s clothes as a teenager. From 16 to 20 years, he served in the army, but his career ended when he got really drunk and showed up in his hut in the skirt.

Later he was thrice married. After the death of his third wife in 2011, the man was diagnosed with gender dysphoria — a condition in which a person cannot accept their biological gender. In 2015 he moved the operation to remove the male sex organs. He said that the NHS paid private clinic ten thousand pounds (811,8 thousand) for the operation, but his doctors advised him to surgery for breast enlargement.

The neighbor started calling him Vic, explaining it this way: “You are a luxurious girl. Do you need a luxury name.” However, after the sex change Benjamin started having panic attacks, he began to drink a lot and realized that once again wants to become a man. The Briton said that it did not receive sufficient psychological support after the sex change and could not find friends among women. Benjamin was constantly afraid that he anyone attacks, even the shopping trip caused him a panic attack.

After the decision to become a man again Benjamin tossed seven bags of women’s clothes, wigs and cosmetics. He hasn’t updated birth certificate from August 31, 2016, which States that he was born a girl.

Earlier it was reported that in the U.S. a 32-year-old transgender went to the hospital with complaints of stomach pain and gave birth to a dead child. The cause of fetal death could be neglect of patient physicians and nurses: they decided that his problems are associated with obesity and the fact that he stopped taking pills for high blood pressure.

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