A teenager stole a car, tried to get away from police and smashed someone else’s Lamborghini


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Western Australia Police Force

A teenager stole a car and crashed into a Lamborghini while trying to hide from the police. Reported by the Daily Mail.

The incident occurred in Perth, Australia. 14-year-old boy stole a Subaru Forester, but the police found it parked on a city street. Police surrounded the teenager in their cars, but as soon as they came out to apprehend him, the guy pressed on the gas pedal and rammed the front of a police car.

After that he continued to escape and the end of the street crashed into a yellow Lamborghini, which costs approximately 350 thousand dollars (22.5 million rubles).

The teenager, whose name was not disclosed, tried to escape the scene, but police caught up with him and arrested. Wednesday, October 16, he will appear before the court.

In August, the journalists of the British edition What Car conducted an experiment in which ten seconds were able to steal a sports car the Audi TT-RS and the DS 3 crossover Crossback. They have used the popular British hijackers by electronic hacking cars. Attackers usually work in pairs: one applies to the door handle device, amplifying the signal, which passes the castle to the electronic key and the second gets as close as possible to the house, which is a key device, transmitting the signal key.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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