Employees of the airports talked about the most unusual finds in the Luggage of people


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The people working at airports, called the most unusual things they’ve found in the Luggage of people during their work. Thread with their answers on Reddit got more than a thousand comments.

Many admitted that they found in the Luggage of sex toys, often in large quantities. According to the user PostoftheCentury, one day he along with his colleagues saw in the bag the passenger a rubber vagina and a rubber men’s lower torso. The man didn’t wash them after use, and the object was still liquid.

Some tried to carry the baggage animals. PostoftheCentury also said that once saw a roach crawling in the bag among clothes with crumbs. The user SatansSlutz remembered that one of the passengers tried to carry on the plane a backpack full of live crabs. Maskedkiller215 shared the story about how the man was carrying a dismembered Cougar.

The stories of some commentators, was the passengers who tried surreptitiously to smuggle in the Luggage of dead people to save on transportation of the body. “The family wanted to bring the dead father through the airport and put him in a wheelchair, disguised him under a sleeping man,” wrote SatansSlutz.

The user YBDum remembered how his mother scared the airport staff, Provost a bag of parts for lifelike children dolls. One of the workers thought that it dismembered the child.

Earlier in October, the passenger was detained at customs control at the airport nachos that she was going to smuggle into Korea. In a video released by lady Emily Rumble (Emily Ghoul) in the social network, is seen as a customs officer in the gloves one by one remove from the bag packs of spicy chips and Cheetos touches them.

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Video, photo All from Russia.


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