Son of ex-judge sent to jail for beating the Russians to death


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The Central district court of Krasnoyarsk arrested Andrei Shilov, who is suspected of beating an acquaintance to death. About it reports TASS.

Shilov will hold in jail two months. On remand to the second suspect, Sergei Shmelev, not reported.

Shilov and Shmelev arrested the evening of October 14. According to preliminary data, men beaten to death his friend Dmitry Shishina and caught it on video. The friends told reporters that the crime was committed on September 15, but the suspects were still at large. Outraged residents of Krasnoyarsk has satisfied the people’s Assembly demanding the arrest of those responsible.

According to the relatives of the deceased, Shilov comes from an influential family, his mother was a judge, had subsequently engaged in advocacy, and his father is Chairman of Emel village Council of deputies.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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