Explained the emergence of free housing in the center of Moscow


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In the heart of the Russian capital you can find rented apartments at a price significantly below the market average-level — up to no rent. This is stated in the materials “INKOM-real Estate” (at the disposal “of the Tape.ru”).

According to statistics of the company, one in ten rented apartment in the Central administrative district of Moscow for rent at a low price. Most of these proposals are concentrated on the territory of Presnensky district of the capital, the location has a high concentration typical of the old residential Fund.

Most often, these inexpensive options are offered to tenants with special conditions, the most common of them — the obligation, at its expense, to repair the house. “The apartment “under repair” in CAO can be found for 15 thousand rubles — there are. Much less in the centre there are proposals to remove the housing without payment of rent due to repairs”, — says the Deputy Director of Department of rent “INCOM-real Estate” Oksana Polyakova.

As calculated in the “Incom”, the share of “repair” proposals represented 17 percent of apartments in Moscow, offered for rent at a reduced price or for free. Another 38 percent of such proposals include shared accommodation with the owner. 19 percent of the economy-the proposals received from the Muscovites, temporarily move out of the city to stay with relatives or in the area, to improve their financial position. In this case we are not talking about free accommodation, but the tenant can count on a discount relative to average area rates.

Earlier in October, the analysts of “Avito Property,” reported a record growth of prices for rental housing in large Russian cities. According to their statistics, the rate rose to the highest since 2014 level.

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