Speaker of the Parliament responded to the request of the UN to close the “Peacemaker”


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Speaker of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Dmitry Razumkov commented on the statement of the UN representative to the Ukrainian Parliament to initiate closure of the site “Peacemaker”. His position was expressed in a briefing broadcast which led the TV channel “Rada” in YouTube.

“Parliament can not be involved in such processes, as close to news as well as other sites we have no authority and I am not sure that they needed the Verkhovna Rada,” said Razumkov. However, he expressed the wish that the Ukrainian media and other websites has worked exclusively in the legal field, without harming the interests of the country.

16 Oct the Deputy Chairman of the UN monitoring mission in Ukraine Benjamin Moreau said that Ukrainian MPs should initiate the closure of the “Peacekeeper”, because the site violates national legislation and international norms. Moro recalled that the man who was on trial in Ukraine on charges related to the conflict in the Donbass killed in Mariupol after his personal details were published on “the Peacemaker.”

The Ukrainian site “Peacemaker” contains an open database of personal data of people whom the authors resource called separatists or “agents of the Kremlin”. In the spring of 2016 “Peacemaker” has published a list of journalists who have been accredited by the self-proclaimed DND and LNR, with their contact details. After that, in the some of them received threats. In the database of the website also included information about the number of Russian cultural figures. The official status of the resource has not, however, included in this base persons, Ukrainian border guards can refuse entry into the country.

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