Crocodile and elephant clashed in a fight and killed each other


www.vsyako.netPhoto: page Kafunta Safaris in Facebook

In Zambia, managed to capture the consequences of a fight between the African elephant and the Nile crocodile. On the noticed information portal Live Science.

The photograph of a dead elephant lies on the body of a crocodile, appeared on the website of the company Kafunta Safaris in Facebook. On other pictures you can see how there are vultures and other scavengers.

The corpses of wild animals in unusual pose found Safari guide national Park South Luangwa Andrew Mwanza (Mwanza Andrew) 8 Oct. Along with him were a few visitors and an armed representative of the Zambian Department of national parks and wildlife.

Representatives of the office examined the bodies of animals and came to the conclusion that both specimens were young. They suggested that the elephant and the crocodile were killed in the fighting with each other, since traces of bullets or other projectiles on the corpses could not be found.

The representative of the national Park stated that the Nile crocodiles often hunt elephants when they cross the river or come to the waterhole. As the adults usually grow to six feet and weigh about 750 pounds, and adult African elephants weigh from 2.2 to 6.3 tons, reptiles prefer to attack the elephants or sick elephants.

Marisa Tellez (Marisa Tellez), the co-founder of the Coalition research crocodiles (Crocodile Research Coalition) of the California Institute, suggested that the deceased reptile could be a female defending her nest from an elephant.

Earlier media reports drew attention to a video in which a leopard had tried to take away the dead crocodile carcass. Reptile was able to defend its prey.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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