Excessive eating of eggs by the Russians denied


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Natalia Gorshkova / RIA Novosti

The consumption of eggs, the Russians have recently increased, said Director General of the Russian poultry Union Galina Bobyleva. According to her, it is “always stable.” On Friday, October 19, told REN TV.

Bobylev noted that changes can occur on a seasonal basis. According to her, does not happen to the population for some reason stopped eating eggs or cut their consumption.

Earlier on Friday, analysts from Sberbank SIB reported that the Russians for a year eat more eggs than recommended consumption rates. They found that on average one resident of Russia consumes 280 eggs per year, which exceeds the recommended rate of 260 eggs 8 percent. Analysts say that over the last 10 years the consumption of eggs in Russia per person grew on average 1 percent per year.

While in Russia consume 7 percent of eggs less than in China — where to eat 300 pieces. However the recommended norm of consumption of eggs for Russia’s 17 percent higher than in the US (240 pieces) and 33 percent higher than in the European Union (210 pieces).

In 2018 in Russia produced 44.9 billion eggs. According to analysts, by 2024, their production in the country will grow by almost three billion pieces.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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