Flight attendants removed a passenger from a flight because of the deadly disease


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Patricio Murphy / Globallookpress.com

Flight attendants of the airline Aerolineas Argentinas was expelled from the plane passenger with a deadly Allergy to nuts. Reported by the Daily Mail.

20-year-old Briton Meleri Williams (Meleri Williams) was supposed to fly from Buenos Aires to Esquel, Argentina. When she boarded, she immediately told the flight attendants about their illness, and they asked her to leave the ship.

“I explained that if I will be indoors, using nuts, I may go into anaphylactic shock and I could die. But they said that the food for the passengers, they only had bags of dried fruit and nuts,” said Williams.

In the end, the girl was kicked off the plane, and when she tried to book a ticket on another flight Aerolineas Argentinas, advance notice to the staff about the Allergy, they again refused the passenger.

Then Williams had to go to Ernabella, which was in 1850 kilometers from Buenos Aires by bus. Thus, the British reached the destination 26 hours instead of the two-hour flight.

Later she wrote a complaint to the airline, but never received a response. According to Williams, she paid for the ticket 200 pounds of strelinhof (about 16 thousand rubles).

In June, the British tourist landed from flight Turkish Airlines because of fatal allergies to nuts. 25-year-old Josh silver from Walthamstowe Abbey (Essex) had to return home after a week’s rest in Antalya. After boarding the flight attendants demanded that he left the plane.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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