“Ghost” girl in the glass frightened the users of the network


www.vsyako.netPhoto: ScummyMoney / Reddit

The lady Reddit with nick ScummyMoney surprised users site photography, which was captured by her reflection in the glass. Many commentators it reminded the Ghost.

In the picture ScummyMoney sat across the glass partition on the other side of which stood a chair. Its reflection coincided with the contours of the chair, which to many it seemed like sitting in the chair the Ghost. “I think you’re dead,” suggested CreeperKiller9Z. “Maybe in this place she died. Someone threw the axe in there,” — he put forward his version Grumpy_grumpy.

Some commentators wrote that the photo scares them. “I’m not gonna lie, I would your pants if I walked past this glass. Not in the mood to deal with ghosts or possessed spirits of the chairs,” claimed ScrewYouAnxiety. “I try to stay away from witches that publishes posts about ghosts,” added Licklicklickmy3balls

Parts of the users reflection reminded about the illusion of “pepper’s Ghost” when using plate glass and special lighting technology magicians make objects appear or disappear and make them transparent.

Before the web became popular the video, the footage of which one saw a rabbit, and the other the Raven. Most complained that confused and can’t understand what they see.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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