In the party Poroshenko called it a Panama offshore Russian propaganda


www.vsyako.netPeter Porosencova: Valentyn Ogirenko / Reuters

The party of former President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko “European Solidarity” accused the journalist of TV channel “1+1” Natalya Moseychuk “Russian propaganda”. An official statement published on the website of the party.

“During the program “Right to rule” presenter Natalia Moseychuk allowed himself to outright lie against the President of Ukraine [Volodymyr Zelensky], stating about the alleged criminal offenses in connection with the mythical “Panamanian offshore companies” Petro Poroshenko”, — is spoken in the party statement.

In “European Solidarity” noted that party representatives were not invited to the Studio and could not answer the charges. According to political force, it indicates the political bias of the channel. The party stresses that “the methods of Russian propaganda is unacceptable in professional free journalism”.

About the opening in Panama of a criminal case against Poroshenko was reported in August. Proceedings opened under article 254 of the criminal code of Panama (“Crime against the economic order in the form of money laundering”). Former adviser to former Ukrainian leader Victor Yanukovych’s lawyer Andriy Portnov has given the Panamanian Prosecutor’s office a sworn affidavit that Poroshenko and his entourage used Panama for concealing criminal proceeds, assets and property, nonpayment of taxes to the Ukrainian budget and money stolen from the Ukrainian state funds.

Only GBR has opened 12 criminal cases against Poroshenko. They concern the possible treason, the legalization of the criminal proceeds offshore and the likely interference with the judiciary. Also, the Agency is conducting an investigation of probable violations of the law when entering the Ukrainian ships in Russian territorial waters near the Crimea in November 2018.

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