In the Russian thought “the transfer of Boobs on the back” su-27


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Sergei Pivovarov / RIA Novosti

In the publication, dedicated to develop fourth generation fighter aircraft designer Mikhail Simonov, who on 19 October would have turned 90 years old, military commentator Viktor Litovkin TASS recalls the deliberations of the experts posting on the aircraft engine compartment.

The author writes that at a meeting with Deputy aviation industry Paul Dondukov Simonov suggested the designer of turbojet engines Arkhip Cradle to reduce the impedance of the su-27 with a pair of transfer power “units on the back”, “in the shadow of the third spar of the wing” resulting in “the bottom of the plane is perfectly smooth, which increased machine speed and agility.”

Litovkin writes that “in response, the academician of the Cradle rose and said with the Ukrainian intonation”: “You, Mikhail Petrovich [Simonov], Yak will come home, say jinka, slippery Tits on my back moved”.

The author also recalls the story of Simon, in which Indian Marshal Srinivasapuram Krishnaswamy, for the first time after seeing the su-30MKI, a fighter called “shit”, but later retracted his words and, having drunk a vodka from designer vases for flowers, decided on the purchase by India from Russia 350 of these aircraft worth more than $ 2 billion.

In September, the user sania_kurdoglo posted in Instagram video with the maneuvers of the su-27 between the rocks from Mangup plateau in Crimea. In the same month, su-30MKI off the coast of the Bay of Bengal near Odisha (India) fired a missile Astra.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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