Russian actress complained of does not pay the mortgage my husband


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Actress Anastasiya Vedenskaya, ex-wife of actor Vladimir epifantseva, complained to the housing difficulties in the Studio of “the Destiny of man” on TV channel “Russia 1”. This is a recording dedicated to actor Sergey Gubanova, other vedenskaya, posted on YouTube.

Vedenskaya during the conversation with the leading YouTube Koschevnikovi said that after the divorce Epifantsev refused to repay the loan issued to purchase a family apartment. “When we parted with him, I lost the apartment where we lived for 12 years. I just gave it to the Bank,” said the actress. Her ex-husband, according to her, after the dissolution of marriage stated that it will not make the mortgage payments due to the appreciation of the dollar. He advised vedenskaya and children to take shelter.

“And we just rented another apartment. It was awful, right stress is huge,” said the actress.

Yepifantsev has received popularity thanks to the film of Svetlana Baskova “Green elephant” 1999. In addition, he starred in the film “I remain”, “Viking”, “best 8 Dating” and “Generation P”. Yepifantsev and Vedenskaya were married in the period from 2004 to 2018.

Earlier, in September, it became known that Russian actress Zoya Berber, famous for her role of Valeria by Oborin in the series “Real boys” became the victim of unscrupulous construction companies. The star purchased the apartment in a newly built house in Moscow, paying the mortgage funds, but subsequently the project developer went bankrupt before completing construction.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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