The bear attack the Russians were catching crabs by the military


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Alexander Kryazhev / RIA Novosti

Residents of the island of Kunashir, which was hospitalized with serious injuries after bear attacks, were soldiers of the fished crabs. This was announced by the mayor of the South Kuril district Vyacheslav Vlasenko, reports “Interfax”.

“Three soldiers last night on the ocean trying to catch crabs. On the shore at the two of them was attacked by a bear,” he said, adding that the circumstances of the incident he did not know.

According to Vlasenko, after the attack, the Russians “on your own car made it to the Central district hospital in Yuzhno-Kurilsk”. Two victims were hospitalized, one in serious condition.

About the attack of a bear on the fishermen became known earlier, on October 18. The beast attacked the men when they were fishing on the shore a few kilometers from the regional center of Yuzhno-Kurilsk. It was noted that the bear was with cubs.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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