The Russian housing and communal services invented a new way to shame debtors


www.vsyako.netPhoto: RKS “Samara”

Housing and communal services of Samara began to establish tied in a knot tubes near entrances of the debtors. The design is called “iron notice”, according to the website resourcedatabase company “RKS-Samara”.

The organization indicated that the warnings are made to the tenants knew about his neighbor who is disconnected from the wastewater system due to non-payment more than three months. “The main task — to notify all neighbours that their entrance is a malicious debtor, and in his apartment now is not working Sewerage. Liability for any consequences, under current law, lies with the debtor,” — says the publication.

Previously, this same company actively used the “pyramid of shame” with the inscription “here lives the debtor” that were installed in front of the house of the defaulter. Later they had the function of audio messages, with pomocu which others loudly and continually alerted to the debt of the person for utilities.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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