Finnish journalist described the experience of the Russian reserved seat


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A journalist from Finland Jenni Jeskanen spent a day in second-class carriage on the way from St. Petersburg to Murmansk and wrote about his impressions in the newspaper Helsingin Sanomat. Translation of the article published by a site “InoSMI”.

The main thing that surprised traveler — appearance of fellow travelers. “The Russians, who usually care about how they dressed, waiting for check-in colorful sneakers and cute pet costumes,” wrote Jeskanen. She said that never seen this before.

The car reminded her hostel because it went mixed, both men and women. In this case the journalist was lucky — her companions were quiet, even though she was afraid to spend the night with a noisy group of “drinkers”. “I was traveling families with children, couples and women who were traveling alone,” she wrote.

Jeskanen surprised the appetite of passengers. “Get Breakfast out of the cooler with the whole range of sausages, bread, tomatoes, creamy cheese, dried, marmalade and instant coffee” — surprised the journalist. She tried to buy pies at one station, but was disappointed. “The dough turned out tough. Filling — one name,” said the traveller.

She was also impressed by the nature, which she saw from the train window. “The farther we go, the more interesting the scenery becomes. On the hills you can see forever!”, — wrote Jeskanen. The very long journey the day had it easy during this time she managed to read 300 pages of the book.

17 Oct passenger flight of British Airways from Vancouver to London Heathrow airport protested “really pathetic” enjoyed her food and complained about it in social networks. She got a “regular tofu with plain rice and corn on the cob from a tin”. The representative of British Airways responded to a tweet agreeing that the food looked “a bit sad”.

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