The UK has launched a special plan for hard Brexit


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Henry Nicholls / Reuters

UK out of the EU by the end of the month, as planned. For this, the government launched the emergency plan for the implementation of the so-called Brexit hard without a deal. This TV channel Sky said the Minister for special assignments Michael Gove, reports The Guardian.

According to him, after the vote in Parliament on new delay for Brexit increases the risk that London will have to forgo the option to make a deal with Brussels. “We can’t guarantee that the EU will agree to extend the negotiations,” he said.

Gove added that the UK has all means and possibilities, to be able to carry out Brexit in October, the related terms set forth in the agreement with Brussels.

On 19 October the British Parliament voted to request the EU to further delay for Brexit. However, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said he was not going to postpone the exit from the EU, scheduled for October 31.

Britain had to withdraw from the EU on 29 March, but Parliament repeatedly rejected the suggestion of the then Prime Minister Theresa may under the terms of the agreement the output. London has received from Brussels a reprieve until April 12, and then until October 31. The parties had to develop a mutually acceptable agreement which will allow to mitigate the effects of Brexit.

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