Gypsies all Tabor threatened crippled in an accident to Russian ties



In Yekaterinburg 17-year-old local Roma knocked down a Russian woman, after which she threatened the whole encampment. This was announced by the Deputy of the state Duma Dmitry Ionin in his Telegram channel.

The accident occurred in April. The Russian was walking to the bus stop when the sidewalk jumped the white “Lada Priora” and “pressed” the girl in the wall of the house. According to the victim, 17-year-old driver tried to flee but was caught by the locals.

She has got a compound fracture of his leg and has undergone two operations. She is forced to walk on crutches. Clarifies that the victim works as a choreographer. “Deprived a girl of the future in her profession. It does not consider himself guilty”, — commented the Deputy of Jonas.

“Gypsies, pardon the pun, came to her in the hospital the whole camp. Offered to take 50 thousand rubles, although the treatment has already cost more than 300 thousand, otherwise it can “be trouble”. Afraid of his connections. The criminal investigation is moving slowly. Took to help. Connected lawyers,” — said the Deputy.

June 14 in the village of Chemodanovka near Penza there was a mass fight of local residents with the Gypsies. Killed one man, two got to the hospital. Was detained 174 persons, six were sentenced to fines and compulsory work. After the conflict, the Gypsies left the village, but then some decided to return. According to official data, in the territory of the village Council Chemodanovka was about 650 Roma.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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