Japan has elevated the Emperor to the throne and declared an Amnesty


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Japanese Emperor Naruhito formally enthroned during a ceremony in the Imperial Palace. This writes Kyodo.

A traditional enthronement ceremony was held in the presence of 2 thousand guests, including representatives from 190 countries and international organizations. “I hereby swear that I will act in accordance with the Constitution and to fulfil its responsibility as a symbol of state and unity of the people of Japan,” said 59-year-old monarch from the pedestal, on which is located the throne of takamura.

Safety ceremony was provided by 26 thousand police officers. In the evening, Naruhito and his wife Masako will appear at a Royal Banquet. Initially after the enthronement was scheduled parade, but it was postponed in November due to the recent deadly Typhoon.

The Mainichi newspaper also reports that on the occasion of the ceremony in Japan decided to pardon about 550 thousand people who committed petty crimes not less than three years ago. Most of them are violators of traffic rules. All fell under the Amnesty will restore civil rights, it will not apply to convicted or sentenced to hard labor. The last Amnesty in Japan was announced in 1993 on the occasion of the marriage of Naruhito and Masako.

Overall, the ceremony of enthronement consists of three parts. During the first pass to the new Emperor of the relics, symbols of power: a sword necklace and a mirror. The second part — the actual enthronement. The third part — the rite dizisi, during which the Emperor prays for the welfare of the people and a good harvest, as well as “an eating with the gods”.

The enthronement ceremony took place six months after Naruhito the powers of the monarch. Before that abdicated from the throne of his father Akihito. He became the first monarch in 200 years, who retired from the post. With the accession of the crown Prince to the throne in Japan, a new era began under the name the Rave — “perfect harmony”.

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