She found a clever way to punish the sister for bad work


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The lady Reddit told how changed the password for a service view TV shows and movies Netflix due to the fact that he used her sister, but didn’t pay for a subscription. In the comments users have supported the decision of the girl.

According to the author, 18-year-old sister lives with her. She explained that dissatisfied with the content, which looks sister, when is her child. “My sister watched the show “the Walking dead” while I was a nanny for my child in the evening when my husband and I went shopping for a birthday,” she explained.

During the conversation, the youngest said that he sees this as a problem and noted that it is not going to stop watching the series because year-old child. “So I changed the password on Netflix, and all the passwords to our other services online viewing”, — said the lady.

She told my sister that she could watch soap operas, but in this case, for your money and from your account. The girl replied that it was unfair and that she doesn’t have the money for it, calling the older heartless.

In the comments users have supported the decision of the girl. sneakycurbstomp noted that being a single father once faced with the nightmares of the child because of such films. He stressed that he would do the same as the author of the post. However, some users have explained that I do not see this step of solving the problem, because sister can find another way to watch the series, wrong for the child.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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