In the German city announced the “Nazi an emergency”


www.vsyako.netDemonstrators of the movement PEGIDAФото: Alexei vitvitskiy / RIA Novosti

The city Council of Dresden approved a resolution on the introduction of additional measures to combat neo-Nazism and the rise of far-right sentiment. The initiative has received the name Nazinotstand (the”Necesariamente”). On Saturday, November 2, reports “bi-Bi-si”.

“”Necesariamente” means, like extraordinary climatic situation — that before us is an extremely serious problem. An open democratic society under threat,” said the sponsor is a member of the city Council of Dresden Max Achenbach.

Belonging to centre-left, who grew up on the basis of the satirical magazine “Titanic” movement PARTY (Die PARTEI) of Achenbach stated that, in his opinion, the policy is openly and clearly distanced themselves from right-wing forces. “My proposal was an attempt to change this situation. I also wanted to vote to find out what kind of people sit in Council with me,” — said the politician.

The resolution States that the ultra-right extremist actions and statements began to meet in Dresden with alarming frequency. The document calls on city to unite in helping the victims of neo-Nazi violence, the protection of minorities and strengthening of democracy.

The resolution was adopted by 39 votes to 29. Refused to vote in favour of the members of the ruling Christian democratic party, describing it as an act of pure political symbolism, using too strong expressions.

German political science Professor and expert on extremism ultraprivate Kai Arzheimer, commenting on the resolution, also called main benefits of it symbolic, but noticed that it can help in the future to attract more resources to programmes to combat extremism.

Dresden is the capital of German right-wing forces. Far-right party “Alternative for Germany” gained here 27.5 percent of the votes in the September elections to the Parliament. In December 2014 the city also had established and regularly holds demonstrations right populist movement PEGIDA acting against the alleged Islamization of Europe.

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