In the UK, talking about the invasion of the drones-spies from Russia


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The military police of the Ministry of defence of the United Kingdom received an increasing number of reports of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) flying over the territory of the country, including protected areas. This writes the Mirror Online.

Division staff protect, in particular, a laboratory for chemical weapons production in the industrial Park Porton Down (located near Salisbury, Wiltshire) and the intelligence Center of government communications UK in the borough of Cheltenham (Gloucestershire). The number of cases where drones were seen flying over two military installations has increased from eight in 2014 to 79 in 2018.

As the newspaper notes, the UAV can fly at an altitude of hundreds of meters and thus go unnoticed, can be freely purchased at a price of 500 pounds (41 thousand). Some experts believe that drones used by Russian and Chinese intelligence agencies.

Andrew Foxall, an expert on espionage of Companies Henry Jackson (independent British Association, explores various aspects of international policy, UK), believes that up to 50 percent of the 150 thousand working in the country Russians can be spies. Sources in the British security services said Mirror Online that in some cases drones are definitely used for foreign intelligence.

Earlier in November it became known that the drone “Orion” was received by experimental troop operation in the Air-space forces of Russia. Before the device is tested in Syria. In particular, in the shock variant of the UAV, capable of carrying up to four missiles successfully hit all targets. “Orion” is the first Russian unmanned aerial vehicle-class MALE (medium-altitude camera long duration flight).

Video, photo All from Russia.


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